So How Do I Put This…?

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Photography, Words

Though the WordPress URL for this photo-blog begins with “phillyphoto”, the actual name of the site was always Scene In Philly. It has featured mainly pictures from in and around Center City but includes shots from West and Southwest Philly, University City, the Overbrook section more recently, as well as some mixed in shots from South Jersey, as I’m often down there. Which brings me to….

Due mainly to my financial situation, I’ll be moving back to South Jersey in a couple of weeks. I’m not particularly looking forward to this move as I see it otherwise as a step backwards but on the bright side, hopefully, I’ll be able to take some of that rent money I’ll be saving and putting it towards some of my debts that have been stomping on my shoulders for the last several years.

I’ll still be in the area regularly as I’m going to continue working here in Philadelphia but I don’t know what my overall ability to get out and take urban shots of the city and such will be so it looks like, tentatively, I’ll be hanging up the “Scene In Philly” meme and perhaps adopting a “Scene In South Jersey” angle for the time being.

I realize I have few readers and followers and that I post to this site infrequently but I didn’t want to simply let it pass without some type of informal post about the upcoming changes in my life. Those of you who do follow, leave comments, and (more frequently) email me about the site and some of the pictures on here deserve to know what’s going on and so now you do.

If you have any questions, comments, etc – please, leave a comment or email me. I’ll still be here, just not so much here in Philadelphia.

Other than that, we’re heading into summer and I, for one, am going to miss the vantage points I’ve held in my apartment for the last three years! I don’t know where I’m going to go to get the great wide-open rainbow shots I’ve captured over the years, or the ominous cloud pictures stacking high into the sky, or even the nighttime lightning shots that I’ve been looking forward to. I don’t even know if the storms that generally bring the lightning to Philly tend to reach into where I’ll be in South Jersey with the same violence and tenacity that I try to capture from my current apartment! I sure hope so because weather photography is certainly something that interests me and I’m afraid now that this change in location is going to mess up my ability to continue doing that.

So I’m going to end this for the time being. I’ll try to update right before I move if I can and right after I get settled in. There’s a few high priority things happening very soon in my life and it’s certainly going to be a difficult summer, to say the least.

Wish me luck!

– Ray

from August 29th, 2009

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